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Pindito Expeditions

Pioneers of 25 Years

The recently refurbished Pindito is the most experienced of southern Indonesia’s vessels. Our crew’s 25-years’ knowledge is passed to our guests. We depart each fortnight with expeditions between Flores, Komodo, Ambon, the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat. We are one of the few vessels visiting the world famous Wayag Islands.



Trips depart approximately fortnightly, year-round. Pindito is based in the Komodo-Flores region from about MAY-SEP and Raja Ampat from OCT-MAY. In between these dates are longer relocation cruises.

Check availability with us using the form provided or call, as in some instances, cabins are allocated to groups and it's always possible we can find you space if you let us know in time.

Special rates may apply, so make sure to get in touch. We offer discounts for kids as well as repeater discounts.

A non-diver discount of 10% applies to most trips (unless otherwise specified). Pindito is perfectly able to accommodate non-divers equally, so contact us for details.

We have seen stunning scenery, visited breathtaking locations, climbed a mountain, seen birds of paradise, been surrounded by beautiful reef fish and all sorts of other marine wildlife. One of the overriding memories will be of the crew of the Pindito: warm, generous and welcoming.”
– Tim Harvey, Sea Turtle Foundation

The presence of naturalists on board with presentations of what we were seeing and thus helping us learn more about the water world we were experiencing made this trip unique. While the kind of wildlife trip is not uncommon for land based learning, the sea based that we had with Wildiaries beats anything else of which I have knowledge. It was truly a unique experience and one worth repeating.”
– Susan, US


Pindito is the oldest and most experienced of southern Indonesia’s vessels. Our crew’s 25-years’ knowledge is passed to our guests. The remote and otherwise inaccessible Wayag is the poster-boy for Wonderful Indonesia. The path to this extraordinary photo was created by us many years ago.


While diving is our passion, our biodiversity cruises give divers and snorkellers equal chance to swim with Manta Rays, watch displaying Birds of Paradise and see a wide range of rare whales and dolphins including exotic species like Pygmy Killer Whales, Spinner Dolphins and Bryde’s Whales.

World Class Diving & Snorkelling

This region, particularly Raja Ampat, has more recorded fish, coral and mollusc species than anywhere else on Earth.
• Nitrox & NOx courses
• Nautlius lifeline
• Rental gear
• Rebreather
• Specialist guides
• Gear carried for you
• Small groups
• Three support zodiacs

Speciality Tours

Whatever you're looking for, we'll have something to suit you, so make sure to contact us for advice on which trip would be best for you. Whether it's foraging for tiny animals like the Pygmy Sea Horse, to spying on Sperm Whales, travelling with kids or simply taking a cruise. One thing we can guarantee is that every trip is different so many of our guests come back time and time again. We hope to see you on board soon.